ISLAMABAD: Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has decided in principle to review the water resources distribution formula and observed that injudicious distribution of waters among the provinces may impinge upon the unity of the federation.

Federal secretary water resources defended the water  accord  1991and said all provinces were agreed upon this documents which is basis of water resources distribution among the all federal units and warned that it is not high time to touch upon his concurrence documents.

Federal secretary Shumail Khawaja also revealed before the meeting that Pakistan may suffered huge water shortage this year that may left un salutary effects on food productions .

On the direction of PAC members , federal secretary submitted the details of water outflow from the three water reservoirs  and added  30000 cusec  water from Mangla dam, 32000 cusec from Tarbela dam and 35000 cusec  water from Chashma is out flowing  which is less than previous years.

Public  accounts committee headed by opposition leaders Syed Khurshid Shah met here to discuss the audit objection of water and power division of energy ministry but the meeting was put off till next day due to shortage of quorum.

During informal talks the opposition leader Syed Khurshid Shah whined that Sindh province is being provided less water from its due share that is creating a lot of problem of Sindhi farmers whose livelihood totally depend o the agriculture.

He said drought like situation in lower Sindh area can be occurred and the officers concerned should take precaution measures to ward off the ugly situation.

Khurshid shah hailed from upper Sindh told the meeting that water accord regarding the distribution of water resources among the four province could be revisit to delete the anomalies embedded in the accord and castigated the government for excluding one  Sindhi representative from the IRSA .

He said that this due to shortage of water Sindh is being provided five thousand cusic less water resulting in the downstream from Kotri barrage the singh rivers has been dried.

Federal secretary Shumail Khawaja told the meeting that more than 29000 cusic water is drowned in the Arabia sea sue to non abailabilty of water reservoirs  and if we succeeded in cultivating these water resources judiciously then the paucity of water could be overcome and our agriculture sector could be improved.

Syed Naveed Qamar contested the views of federal secretary and rejected his stance while saying when there is shortage of water in the water reservoir the wastage of water is out of question .

Federal secretary urged the member PAC to build new water reservoirs on emergency basis other wise the shortage of water can pose serious question on our economic survival.

Syed Khurshid Shah opined that martial laws government caused huge damaged to our national interests and during the time of these governments the rulers c ould not pay their heed to new water issue resulting in the country is now suffering from water problem and added that in the future wars on the water resourced could not be ruled out.

PTI member Arif Alvi opined that water theft could be curtailed by using satellite images as this latest technology is very useful in the modern era.

The public accounts committee has now decided to take complete briefing from the officers concerned regarding water  availability in the country and its judiciously distribution and for this purpose the notices to all concerned quaters were also be issued.