ISLAMABAD: Bank details of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in Al-Azizia steel mills reference were presented before the Accountability Court.

Judge of the Accountability Court, Muhammad Bashir Khan conducted hearing of the case. Zafir Khan presented before the court as counsel for Nawaz Sharif.

Prosecution witness Malik Tayyab completed recording of his statement in the case. Tayyab, who is associated with private bank, shared the details of the ousted premier and his sons Hasan and Hussain Nawaz’s different bank accounts and the transactions carried out over the years.

According to  him, Nawaz withdrew $2,200 on February 7, 2017. The witness said that the PML-N leader transferred $600,000 to his Pakistani currency account between March 2017 to May 2017.

Tayyab also provided details of Nawaz and his sons’ accounts in Euro and Pound currencies. He said that Hussain had transferred £25,000 to Nawaz’s account in December 2010. In 2015, Tayyab said that Nawaz had transferred £25,000 to his Pakistani currency account. He further told the court that Nawaz had transferred £10 to his Pakistani currency account twice in 2016, at which Zaafir Khan raised an objection over the documents presented in court. “You have an objection over a cheque of £10 as well?” Judge Bashir quipped, causing the court to chuckle.

Continuing with his statement about the Sharifs’ accounts in Euro, Tayyab told the court that Hussain had transferred €1.1 million to Nawaz’s account in 2010 and €40,000 in 2012.

Nawaz issued five cheques — a total of €900,000 — and transferred the amount to his Pakistani currency account on September 23, 2010. He added that the ousted premier withdrew €10 on April 30, 2010, at which the judge joked that Zaafir Khan must have received that cheque. Upon the judge’s remarks, the court room was echoed with loud laughs.

In April 2012, Nawaz transferred €210,000 to his Pakistani currency account and €190,000 in November 2015.

The Judge of the Accountability Court while took notice of whispering of NAB prosecutor with his colleague remarked that whether you want to make Wasiq Malik a smart.  Upon this, NAB prosecutor Sohail Tanvir told that he was try to make him smart from the last eleven years but was failed in his efforts.

Later, the NAB prayed to make documents of Branch Manager of a private bank, Noureen Shahzad as part of the record and told the court that Noureen Shahzad is now serving as branch manager where Malik Tayyub had already worked as Branch Manager.

Junior solicitor of Khwaja Haris raised objections over documents of Noureen Shahza while the hearing of the case was adjourned till today (Thursday).