ISLAMABAD: Although the air history of country is full of accident but for the first time an investigative report regarding tragic incident of PK 661-ATR flight from Chitral to Islamabad would be presented to the government in April 2018.

Reliable sources of Aviation Division told “Daily Morning Mail” cell that after the tragic incident on December 07, 2016, the Safety Investigation Board (SIB) in the light of government directives and under the protocol of International Aviation Organization (ICAO) summoned ATR manufacturing companies and without any delay provide material to three companies to prepare investigation report.

In this respect, the frame (body) of PIC-661 were sent to French based company ATR, which would issue report in January 2018. The propeller were sent to British company UTAS and it would give report in January 2018 while engine of the aero plane was sent to Canadian company Pratt and Whintey, which would also give technical report at the above mentioned date.

Sources told that reports of air tragic incidents across the globe took two to six years in completion while SIB after receiving report from three companies, would prepare final report, which would be sent to the government that would be made public.

During investigation of the Daily Morning Mail cell it was revealed that a protocol regarding air related tragic incidents was finalized under which, the accident met engine, propeller and body (frame) are sent to the same company, which had manufactured it. In this regard, the details of investigative reports of three well known air accidents were obtained. A famous incident of airplane Shanway IL-78, took place in November 2010 and its report was completed in March 2017 while investigation were held under Safety International Protocol.

Likewise this, another aero-plane Beach Craft met accident in November 2001. The investigation of this incident were conducted by Australian company ATSBA and it took fifty seven months to complete  the investigation while finally the report was completed in 2006. The third incident of Airbus A-300 took place in April 2013 while NTSB conducted investigation.

When the incident of 661-ATR had occurred on December 07, 2016, soon after this, the Prime Minister issued directives to Safety Investigation Board to include a top officer of Pakistan Air Force in the investigation. According to Civil Aviation Division, after receiving investigation reports from three companies, the final report be presented to the government.

Experts of engine, propeller and body manufacturing companies were called in Pakistan after the above mentioned incident and all ATR aero planes were grounded but after clearance of the experts, these ATRs were allowed to fly and now all ATR are part of the operation.

Talking about the measures taken regarding air incidents, General Manager Pakistan International Airlines PR, Muhammad Mashhood Tarar told Morning Mail cell that  28 passengers out of 42 were paid Rs 5.5 million by insurance company as compensation while remaining cases would be cleared soon. He said there was some documents related issue, which were hindering way to compensate to the heirs of the victims. He said the employees who died in the incident were also paid thirty to forty salaries. A close relative of a victim passenger has been recruited in PIA.

It is worth to mention that PK 661 on December 07, 2016 when it flew from Chitral to Islamabad but it met accident near Havailian at 4: 42. As many as 47 passengers were onboard including a prominent Naat Khawan Junaid Jamshaid.

Prior to this, a helicopter of Pak army had met accident in 2015 near Gilgit while eight persons lost their lives in this tragic incident. The victims included envoys of Norway, Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia along with their spouses. In 2012, an air plane of Bhoja Airline Boeing 737 destroyed near Islamabad and 121 passengers died in the incident. Air bus in 2010 had met incident but inquiry reports of these accidents could not be completed yet.