ISLAMABAD: Anti Terrorism Court (ATC) Islamabad has extended till December 11 interim bail of PTI chief Imran Khan in four cases including attack on parliament and PTV.

Judge Shah Rukh Arjmand of ATC took up for hearing four cases including attack on PTV, parliament, violence against SSP and freeing workers from police station forcibly on Thursday.

Chairman PTI Imran Khan filed petition against inclusion of terror related clauses in cases against him pleading “ is protesting for the sake of one’s rights  terrorism. He staged protest along with his party for pressing their demands. Terrorism related clauses be scrapped and case be sent to sessions judge, he prayed.

The prosecutor opposed Imran plea saying Imran Khan incited his party workers to kill police officers and attack parliament. Solid evidence is available against him. 10 clauses of ant terrorism act are applicable to Imran Khan.

Babar Awan advocate said that half of Punjab police should be behind the bar in terrorisms related cases following publication of Baqir Najfi report. This law is applicable  to chief minister, law minister and chief secretary.  Government abolished terrorism related cases about Islamabad sit in after signing an agreement.

The learned judge remarked cases have not been abolished  and only the accused persons have been released on bail. About 300 to 400 people have not surety bonds. The leaders have gone and the workers are in jail.

The court while extending interim bail of Imran Khan till December 11 has sought reply from the police on the plea seeking transferring the case.