ISLAMABAD: Declaration of American President regarding recognition of Al-Quds as Israeli capital brought severe criticism and outrage across the world including Pakistan, Iran, Jordan, Turkey and Germany.

President Mamnoon Hussain addressing a ceremony on Thursday condemned the decision and predicted that Muslim Ummah would express utmost reaction against announcing Jerusalem as Israeli capital.

Foreign ministry in a statement said that Pakistan stands with international community on this very issue which condemned American decision of recognizing Jerusalem as Israeli capital and announced to shift US embassy there. 

The statement said that US ignored all the requests made by international community about maintaining legal and historic status quo of Jerusalem and the American decision will be a great blow for peace of Middle East.

Secretary General of United Nations, Antonio Goiters condemned the decision made by Trump and warned to solve the issue of Jerusalem’s status in direct talks between Palestinians and Israelis.

Statement issued from Saudi Arabia termed Trump’s decision irresponsible and unjust tantamount to violation of Palestinians’ rights.

Iranian foreign ministry on its website stated that it can cause creation of another ‘Intifada’ as this reckless and unforeseen decision would arise emotions of Muslims which will augment extremist and violent behaviors.
“Trump’s decision a sheer violation of international declarations and Al-Quds is a part and parcel of Palestine”, Iranian Foreign Ministry mentioned in her message on website.

Jordan also came to condemn US announcement and termed it violation of international law and charter of United Nations.

Jordanian government’s spokesman, Muhammad Momani said that American President’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israeli capital is an open violation of international law and UNO’s charter.

Turkish Foreign minister, Mehvut Casvoglu on his Twitter account stated that Turkey condemns irresponsible decision made by American administration as it is against international law and relevant declarations of UN.

Turk President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan during his meeting with Jordanian king Shah Abdullah II before the announcement warned that it would be tantamount to play in the hands of militant groups as Erdogan has already called OIC meeting over the issue.
“Conflict between Palestine and Israel can only be solved by creation of Palestinian state with Eastern Jerusalem as its capital,” Mehvut Casvoglu said.

Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad Hariri who recently resumed his office said that his country fully supports Palestinians with full zeal and prop up support for creation of Palestinian state with its capital in Eastern Jerusalem.

Along with other European countries, Germany also condemned US decision as German chancellor Angela Merkel through her spokesman issued the statement that she does not support the decision absolutely and decision regarding status of Jerusalem must be addressed only by creating two states.

Palestinian President, Mehmood Abbas said that unacceptable and shameful steps of Trump ruined all peace efforts.

Chief of European Union’s Foreign Policy, Fedrica Mogreini expressed grave concerns against Trump’s decision and said that it is necessary to address wishes of both sides about Jerusalem and way of dialogue must be sought for solution of this problem.

UK Prime Minister Thresa May also opposed the decision and her spokesman said that UK is not agreed with American decision of shifting embassy and recognizing Jerusalem as Israeli capital.

Egypt also rejected the decision of American recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital.

French President Emanoyl Macron termed the decision as sorrowful and asserted to make efforts to avoid extremism at all costs.

France and Europe firmly stands with the stance of creation of two states where Israel and Palestine could live peacefully with internationally recognized borders and Al-Quds would be considered as capital of both states.

Secretary General PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) said that Trump has dashed all hopes for solution of Middle Eastern conflict through creation of two states. “He (Trump) has ruined two states solution as he has eliminated his country’s role in peace process,” said Saib Arakat.

Eight out of 15 members of UN Security Council (UNSC) has also demanded to convene an emergency meeting before the end of this week to discuss the issue.