ISLAMABAD: Parliamentary committee has asked National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to expedite its investigation into corruption and illegal appointments scam of Pakistan Housing Authority (PHA) and to submit compliance report within stipulated timeframe.

The committee took cognizance of inordinate delay of investigation into the corruption scam and wrote to chairman NAB with the direction to finalize the probe in order to retrieve plundered amount of public funds from the corruption mafia active in the government department.

During the tenure of last government, then administration of PHA disbursed more than 16 million rupees to private construction company for renovation of PHA office situated in Pak Millet secretariat Islamabad, which was violated the PPRA rules.

The audit officer raised objection over the disbursement of such huge public money to a private company without floating any tender and directed the officers concerned to probe the matter to identify the responsible persons.
The inquiry was conducted by FIA at the outset and raids were conducted to nab the officials but case was handed over to NAB and FIA was barred to hold inquiry. According to report 194 recruitments were done in PHA on political grounds and an inquiry was also underway, in this regard.

An investigation committee of the ministry has completed its report, in this respect. The documents further revealed that dozens recruitments were done on fake documents while directives were issued to expel these employees but no practical measures were taken so far.

Although FIA had summoned Rasool Bakhsh Phalyo who helped recruit the 194 persons for investigation  but NAB put the entire case into cold storage. NAB had also launched inquiry into allotment of government flats on political basis by ex-Secretary Housing while according to the law, employees of PHA were not eligible to allot these flats. The Parliamentary Committee also instructed Chairman NAB to complete investigation into PHA corruption scandal and stern action must be taken against the responsible persons. When contacted NAB official, he was reluctant to give his version on the said matter.