ISLAMABAD: Director Ministry of Foreign Affairs Farriah Bughti has submitted reply in International Court of Justice (ICJ) in  the case  of Indian spy Kulbushan Yadav and rejected the Indian stance.

In its stance Pakistan has adopted that Kulbushan Yadav is not a common prisoner but he is an Indian spy also, therefore Vienna convention is not applied on him adding that he entered in Pakistan to commit terror activities and Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) have apprehended him red handed. He has also confessed his crime before the court.
The Indian government has adopted that Kulbushan Yadav is not enjoying rights of prisoner as highlighted in Vienna convention.

The reply submitted by Pakistan in ICJ was jointly drafted by Attorney General, legal team and officials of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in which Pakistani stance was presented  very effectively and challenged the jurisdiction of ICJ.

It is worth-mentioning here that LEA had apprehended Kulbushan Yadav on March 3, 2016 from Balochistan. He is alleged of terrorism and anti Pakistan activities. He had confessed all the crimes which he committed before the court.

The court has awarded him death sentence on April 10, 2017 due to his alleged involvement in terror activities in Balochistan and Karachi, however, the Indian government had challenged the verdict of Pakistani court in ICJ and appealed to stop the implement on this decision. On this, the International Court of Justice has termed that he cannot be hanged till the announcement of ultimate decision.

The spokesperson of Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Pakistan had offered him to meet with his wife last month on human basis, however on the request of Indian government his mother and Indian diplomat were allowed to meet Yadav. The meeting would be held on Dec 25.