LAHORE: The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Shaharyar Khan has threatened to boycott India in International Cricket Council (ICC )and Asian Cricket Council (ACC) events if the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) officially refused to play the proposed series against Pakistan in December, according to a report.
Shaharyar Khan said it was disappointing that the BCCI had not even sought permission for the December series from the concerned ministry in India. Nothing is final or decided as yet but if the Indian Board officially backs out of the series, then we have the option of boycotting all matches against them in ICC and ACC events as well he added.
He said I sent on letter on 28 August and I am still waiting for a reply. The BCCI should tell us whether they want to play the series or not. Because if they say they don’t have government clearance and refuse to play the series, then we reserve the right to act against the Indian Board for not honoring an agreement at every level.
Khan made it clear that if the BCCI backed out of the MoU signed for the proposed series, then Pakistan would have to consider several options and one of them could be the refusal to play against India in ICC and ACC events or at any level.