ISLAMABAD: Announcing abrogation of all the old policies, interior ministry has announced new policy regarding import of Bullet and Bomb Proof vehicles and their preparation at local level.

According to new policy issued Thursday by Deputy Secretary Mirza Khalid, all the old policies should be considered null and void with immediate effect.

According to new policy, permission from the ministry prior to import any Bullet Proof vehicle mandatory and anyone above 25 years of age, any institution or private companies can consult the ministry in this regard.

New policy made it mandatory for individual applicant that he or she must have good character and a taxpayer citizen for applying to import the vehicle and permission to import armed vehicles and preparation at local level would stand cancelled after a year if not utilized.  

New policy announced that firms paying 50 million rupees tax annually or person with track record of paying 10 million rupees annual tax or more than this would be given priority while embassies and international organizations have to take clearance certificate from security agencies through ministry of foreign affairs and approval from ministry for interior.

The policy shall be applicable immediately across the country and it eases the procedure of vehicle’s import and their preparation at local level.

It is pertinent to mention that former interior minister; Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has eliminated all policies in this regard and carried out high level operation against mafia involved in it.