ISLAMABAD: Former Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif has said people of Lodhran have responded to revenge in the name of accountability.

“People of Lodhran have given response to the revenge being taken in the name of Ehtesab  (accountability). People are fighting my case and due to it I salute them. People are giving response to the false cases against us, he said this while talking to media men on the occasion of his appearance in Accountability Court (AC) here Tuesday.

“we are seeing  the examples of sanctity of vote in people reaction and its practical demonstration we have  seen in Lodhran. Lodhran decision is people response to the revenge being taken in the name of ehtesab.  Double standards will work how long. Why political leaders don’t think that country has to be taken to where”, he held.

Had there been any life in the present references against him then no need of filing supplementary references would have been felt, he remarked.

“They want Nawaz Sharif is convicted in any way. Since how long and why supplementary references will continue to come. These references  are not only creating impression but they are also giving rise to the conviction that there is nothing in them. The allegations are being included again in them  after re-packaging them, he underlined.

Responding to a question from journalist that why revenge is being taken from you he said I don’t know it. Those taking revenge from me should take revenge from those who have abrogated the constitution twice. Those who have abrogated the constitution and arrested the judges are culprits of whom.

He observed “ we are being made major culprits today. Those who have abrogated the constitution twice have not been nabbed. Do their wings burn to reach them, he questioned.