RAWALPINDI: At least 160 more cases of dengue fever on Tuesday were detected in Rawalpindi and its adjoining areas, raising the number of such patients in the district, say media reports. 
Dengue virus has worsened in Rawalpindi, creating fear among the natives as more than 160 patients were tested positive. The district administration has finally sounded sirens to warn residents of alarming dengue situation in the metropolis.
At least 112 patients were shifted to Benazir Hospital, 35 to Holy Family Hospital while 13 were taken to district headquarters hospital for medical assistance. 
Incumbent Health Ministry revealed that  uncontrolled dengue virus has targeted as many as 1565 people so far whereas more cases are also likely to be surfaced.
The local government has strictly directed people to take precautionary measures to restrict further number of patients.
Meanwhile, Health Secretary and Chief Secretary Punjab paid visit to Benazir Hospital and inspected the arrangements made for dengue-hit patients. During the visit, Health Secretary soothed the sufferers and assured them to be treated with care. 
Anti-dengue campaign was also launched in the area but no significant results were taken. Keeping in view the current dengue outbreak, ministers have geared up and have started preparing further strategies in this regard.