Dhaka: Pakistan T20 team captain Shahid Afridi Thursday said that after white-wash in ODIs, they will come really hard at Bangladesh. 
The veteran Pakistan all-rounder spoke to the media at the conference hall in Mirpur after his team attended practice in Thursday morning. 
Shahid Afridi came to Dhaka a couple of days back for a short tour where he will captain the Pakistan T20 side that take on a confident Bangladesh at SBNCS in a day's time. 
Afridi, a charismatic character himself, spoke in his usual out-spoken manner, exuding an air of confidence which his team is in dire need of at the moment.
He spoke about how talented the Pakistan team is, and said it was just a matter of time before the young side gets the desired results as well. He said, 'I am really impressed with the current team I have, they are all talented and are working really hard. Tomorrow will be a new game, and we have to forget the past. We will come really hard at Bangladesh tomorrow.'
He said his inclusion into the side along with veteran stalwarts Umar Gul would make a difference. He also looked forward to the T20 World Cup next year saying that in 6 to 8 months time, this team would be able to deliver the goods.
When asked about the pressure of coming to play just one match and expecting to perform and lead from the front, Afridi said that all professional cricketers have to be ready all the time, be it for just one match or many. He was confident of leading the young side which he termed as 'better than the ODI side' and get what would be Pakistan's first win in the tour.
Afridi had served the Pakistan ODI team for nearly 20 years, and he was asked the obvious question of whether he was pondering about making a come out of his retirement into the ODI team since it clearly lacked experience at the moment. His answer was stright-forward, 'I think it was the right time to retire after the World Cup for me. I want the young players to get their chances now. Even Australia had to struggle for results for more than a year after many of their senior players retired, but with time the players get to know each other better and the team starts to perform.'
Afridi had words of praise for Bangladesh as well. He said that Bangladesh have been playing really well currently and they have a stable solid line-up which plays day in and day out. 
Final words from Afridi, 'It will be a very competitive match on Friday, and I am not saying we will win in a one-sided affair, but we will give our best.'