ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Anwar Zaheer Jamali has remarked effective system is in place to initiate disciplinary action against the judges who  are found involved in violating the rules and regulations.

He said this while addressing a reference held here on the occasion of retirement of Justice Ejaz Chaudhry of Supreme Court (SC) here Monday.

He held that whenever some complaint is received against any judge then action is taken against him at proper forum. Several complaints are under consideration at present at proper forum on this count, he added. Action is being taken keeping in view legal formalities. Code of conduct is in place for the lawyers as well. System for initiation of disciplinary action against the lawyers in the event of violation of the code of ethics is in vogue.

He went on to say it was matter of regret that several lawyers committed illegal acts in subordinate courts in the past but proper action was not taken against them by the respective bar council. Recurring  of such incidents is not acceptable in any way as judiciary prestige is hurt this way, he added.

I reiterate that all lawyers should abide by code of conduct  completely  so that not only improvement could be brought in justice system but a real impression is created  that lawyers who are highly educated and are attached with a dignified profession fully believe in rule of law, he urged.

He went on to say too much stress has been laid upon administration of justice in Islam. The concept of justice in Islam  is more comprehensive, important and sacred as compared to any other system of justice. Islam has provided foundation for equality of every one in the eyes of law, independence of judiciary and modern concepts of accountability. Principle of equality of all human being has been evolved in Quran and Sunnat. Be he rich or poor, master or slave, ruler or subject all are equal in the eyes of law. Every one has to be accountable for his deeds before the court, he remarked.

Justice Ejaz Chaudhry said unluckily such incurable diseases have made way in our justice system that our justice system has become hostage in the hands of different evil factors. Falsehood has fully gripped the entire justice system. The moral degradation has reached such alarming proportion that people don’t become prepared  to speak the truth, he remarked.

President Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) Barrister Zafar Ali said bar has reservations about adhoc judges, therefore, they are going to move parliament.

Independence will have to be given to all institutions including NAB and Election Commission. Parliamentary committee has declared it rubber stamp in the matter of appointment of judges. Judges should be appointed through open merit and transparent manner, he held.