KARACHI: Security institutions have arrested a key group of al-Qaeda in the Indian Sub-continent (AQIS) in a raid carried out in a sensitive area of Karachi, local media quoting officials say on Wednesday.
According to the reports, qualified engineers were also among the arrested men who were planning terrorist acts with the help of drones.
It said AQIS group had 10 to 12 members but most of them have been arrested.
"Three engineers who were working on anti-drone technology have also been arrested," the report said, stating that the arrested engineers planned to jam the signals of US drones and also to bring them down.
It said the alleged terrorists were planning to attack a sensitive institution with the help of a drone.
The members of this group were arrested from Karachi and several other areas of Punjab.
"Three to five terrorists were arrested from a sensitive area near Malir Cant," the report revealed.