ISLAMABAD: Rehman Khan, the ex-wife of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan, is reportedly unhappy with NEO Tv which she joined as a host of current affairs program. 
A website revealed that administration of NEO TV is although happy for taking Reham Khan onboard as their channel is getting ultimate promotion due to her. The administration is facilitating Rehman Khan and making every step to make her happy who is doing changes in the channel according to her wishes. She gave a long list of demands to make change in the channel. 
According to the website, Rehman Khan threatened the channel administration that she will quit the job if her demands are not accepted. The website claimed that the channel is spending 8.6 million rupees on here program. 
Employees of the channel started searching alternate jobs as they think whether Rehman Khan bring any change or not, channel will surely be changed and they will go for downsizing. The channel administration is considering Rehman Khan as publicity stunt for its channel but soon they will know about the real situation, say employees. 
Rehman Khan is also facing problems for guests of her programs as senior leadership of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz and Pakistan Peoples Party are not ready to appear on her show while guests from PTI is out of question. 
At the same time the anchor, who got famed with marriage and diverse with Imran Khan, is misbehaving with her crew including cameraman and producer of the show.  Due to sound problems of the channel, Reham Khan lose her temper and delivered harsh words which are being saved by the channel administration to use it for any appropriate time.