ISLAMABAD: After financial irregularities revealed in the funds of Pakistani embassy in Washington DC, audit officials have started to conduct audit of the embassy.
According to credible information received by Online, audit officials have to face severe constraints while conducting transparent audit. Different tactics were used to stop the auditor to conduct audit since he has identified the payment of tuition fee of the children and termed it violation of rules and regulations.
“Prior to this, when Jalil Abbas was resuming his duties as secretary foreign affairs, the audit officials have also identified the same irregularities. Jalil Abbas got the complete incentives as an additional responsibilities of ambassador of Belgium along with performing the duties of secretary foreign affairs, which was explicitly violation of rules and regulation”, the document added.
According to audit report, Jalil Abbas has been getting full salary and allownance instead of getting mere allowance and he did not get any salary from headquarter.
“The monthly salary of Jalil Abbas was Rs. 91525/-, however, he received Rs. 8,84,683 and received the amount of Rs.48,52,106 during the period of seven months”, the report added and maintained Jalil Abbas has been purchasing 23 newspapers and magazines while misusing his powers and approximately Rs. 38000/- were to be paid by Jalil Abbas.
Besides this, Jalil Abbas got Rs. 945000/- extra for the transfer of baggage on return from Belgium to Pakistan and this amount was also to be recovered.