MUMBAI: Senior Bollywood actor Om Puri has said that vulgar Item Songs in Indian movies can be a reason of increased numberof rape cases in the country.
He said that directors of today, are focusing more on showing body parts in Indianmovies. He criticized the way item songs are filmed and said "Excuse me if would say that if someone wants to satisfy sexual desire, h/she can bought a DVD and watch such songs".
The 64 years old actor said that the workdone in sixties and seventies was more elegant than it is today. This is why many few rape cases were heard at that time. 
The actor said that the current situationis extremely disappointing. The films, today, have become just a business and people want to earn 12 rupees by spending 10.There's no sense of social responsibility. According to Om, the films are very powerful tool to expand social consciousness.