ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Monday unanimously decided to give a call for nationwide protests on 6th February in all districts against the growing economic oppression of the masses by the government.

According to press release, a high level meeting of PTI was held under the chair of its Chairman Imran Khan. It was decided in meeting to start countrywide protests from February 6 against government policies.

It was decided in the meeting to start protest from February 6 on the government policies especially against enforcement of gas tax, orange train project and non transparent privatisation.

While speaking in the meeting Imran Khan said that PTI will not let the government target poor public with its policies. He said that tax amnesty scheme will only benefit a certain class. He expressed that it is injustice to put more tax burden on taxpayers
Khan made clear that enough was enough and PTI will not allow the poor of the country and the tax payers to be victimized and exploited by a pro-rich, pro-tax evaders' govt. It stated that details will be given today Tuesday in a press conference by Chairman Imran Khan.