ISLAMABAD:  Naps are essential for a growing baby, and they offer a needed break for busy parents. But when is the right time to let baby nap, so it doesn't interfere with bedtime?

The National Sleep Foundation suggests that Put your baby down when sleepy, but not so exhausted that it's difficult to fall asleep. Look for signs of sleepiness, such as rubbing the eyes, a glazed expression or drifting off. Get baby in bed within 30 minutes. Create a nap schedule. Set the schedule based on your child's sleepy signs.

Create a similar soothing routine for naps just as you do for bedtime. That may mean a book, soothing music or white noise to help baby wind down.Figure out what works for your baby. If a long, late nap affects bedtime sleep, cut it short or start the nap earlier. But try to be flexible and go with what baby needs.