ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said that peace in Afghanistan was in the interest of region and those sabotaging it were common enemy of both Pakistan and Afghanistan.

“Peace in Afghanistan is in the interest of region. A comprehensive and enduring partnership is must for lasting peace and development. Pakistan and Afghanistan will have to work together for peace in the region. Terrorists are common enemy of both the countries” he said this while talking to Speaker of Olasi Jirga of Afghanistan, Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi on Wednesday,PM said Pakistan is desirous for peace in Afghanistan and is launching sincere efforts for peace and reconciliation. Pakistan fully supports Afghan-led Afghan- owned reconciliation process, he added.
Quadrilateral Coordination Group  is working on right direction for reconciliation between Afghan Taliban and Afghan leadership, he noted.

He remarked Pakistan was taking keen interest in the development of Afghanistan and it was ready to extend cooperation to Afghanistan in the development of its infrastructure. Pakistan wants to foster cooperation with Afghanistan in the areas of security, terrorism, trade, economic development and others through promotion of mutual trust.

He held that Pakistan wants  Afghan refugees return  to their homeland with honour and dignity and we will ensure it.

Afghan Speaker while welcoming PM offer for bolstering cooperation in the development of infrastructure said Pakistan had supported  Afghanistan in hard times. Afghan people consider Pakistan their second home. “We are grateful to Pakistan for hosting Afghan refugees since the last 30 years.  Pakistan supported Afghanistan against external aggression in 1978. PM Nawaz Sharif vision and policy for peace process in Afghanistan is commendable.

He went on to say that we have to remain strong friends to each other. Enemy of Afghanistan is enemy of Pakistan. We will have to face all the challenges including terrorism together, he stated.