ISLAMABAD: Everyone loves to change their look but moderation is the key to everything. So, it should be applied when it comes to hair dye. It not only compliments your looks and is capable of giving you an entirely new look but can give you a number of health problems as well, Here are some of these.

The harmful coloring agents can cause severe damage to hair in terms of making them weak — leading to easy breakage, hair fall and hair thinning due to the chemicals in hair dyes.

Some of the common allergic reactions to hair dye include dermatitis of eyes, ears, scalp, and face. Symptoms of these reactions include rash, swelling, and burning of scalp. If the dye contains ppd, there is also a possible risk of skin cancer. It is therefore advisable to always do a patch test first, before you use the dye.

Persulphates are chemicals found in bleaching agent of hair dyes. Most commercial hair products contain 60 per cent of persulphates, the continued inhalation of which leads to coughing, throat ache and even wheezing.