ISLAMABAD: Every industry has its idiosyncrasies but the film and modeling industry can claim a special brand of community, who are always meticulous and scrupulous when it come to selection of dresses, costumes, cosmetics and makeup.
Model Ayyan Ali, who is currently languishing in Adiala Jail facing money-laundering charges, is no exception when it comes to choosing dresses and makeup cosmetics, as, according a source, she spent over Rs169,000 on her wardrobe --- a special boutique suit, an imported French made perfume and other cosmetics --- before leaving the jail to appear before a court last week.
The jail source said that the model, who has publicly spoken against the suffocating and stifling environment of jail, had foretold the jail authorities that she needed ample time to get ready to leave the jail for a court hearing, and accordingly, she spent a sumptuous time on her makeup and getup, before she was escorted to the court for the hearing.
Though the investigation officer could not submit a charge sheet against the model, drawing the judge’s ire, but her production on that particular day left almost every one from lawyers to witnesses to media person spell-bound as the model had uniquely braided her hair while wearing an eye-catching specially made suit.
The cameramen covering the hearing and waiting outside the court almost run amok to capture every single stride of the model, whose special appearance also caused some jostling and pushing around.
The source said that when the model was leaving the jail, the fragrance of her perfume permeated the jail premises for long time, and before it could fade away, the ‘queen of fashion’ model was brought back to the jail, causing the aroma within the jail.