ISLAMABAD: The Federal Minister for Planning Ehsan Iqbal has started to rewarded his personal servant  on the name of China Pak Economic Corridor (CPEC) project.

According to document received by Online, the federal minister has appointed Envoy on CPEC and made payment of some Rs 15 million to him.

Sources said that federal minister has recruited his personal servant “Asim” on the post of assistant in his ministry, which was deputed to monitor the affairs of ministry and other things.

“Asim was recruited without advertising the post in national daily newspapers adding that said personnel servant of federal minister had to look after and monitor the election campaign of federal minister Ehsan Iqbal in Narowal”, sources revealed.

The document, which was presented in the parliament house reveals that amount more than Rs 1 million have been spent on the advertising campaign of CPEC for the last one year.

Online, when contacted with federal minister Ehsan Iqbal to know his stance in this regard, he did not bother to respond.