LAHORE: Former Chief Justice and Pakistan Justice Democratic Critic Party (PJDCP) head Iftikhar Chaudhry on Saturday called for ruthless accountability and resignation Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif over allegations of money laundering and owning offshore companies.

Addressing a press conference here, Chaudhry said that Nawaz Sharif (Prime Minister) was doing everything to save himself from accountability.

He said that the government was aggravating the already tense situation to rescue Prime Minister Sharif. “Nawaz Sharif is facing allegations of money laundering,” he said.

The former chief justice questioned the reasons behind prime minister’s reluctance to go to assemblies.

“Why don’t you go to National Assembly and Senate? Nawaz Sharif is scared of assemblies,” he said.

He, however, said that the PML-N government should complete its constitutional term, maintaining  that the government doesn’t mean Nawaz Sharif only. To a question, he said his party wants ruthless accountability in the country.