ISLAMABAD: Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) confessed on Monday before the National Assembly (NA)’s Standing Committee meeting that unannounced power loadshedding of 18 to 20 hours is being carried out in Faisalabad region.

The meeting of NA’ standing committee on Planning and Reforms held under the chair of Abdul Majeed Khan Khanan Khail Chairman standing committee.

FESCO officials briefed the committee about the construction of FESCO division in Darya Khan.

In the meeting Chairman standing committee asked the details about complaints in FESCO against unscheduled loadshedding on which FESCO confessed that unscheduled loadshedding from 18 to 20 hours is being carried out in FESCO region.

It hoped that duration of prolonged power outrage would be reduced in next view days as prudent measures to over come the outrage are being taken.

FESCO officials also submitted the report in standing committee regarding funds allocated for power projects in District Chitral and briefed that FESCO was performing it duty to over come the energy crises.

On the other side Chairman Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) presented the detailed report regarding corruption worth Rs 6bn in Housing Society a project of Mangla Dam.

The committee was informed that no corruption was done in this project.

Chairman committee has sought the all record regarding the Mangla Dam project from the Chirman WAPDA and indicated to send the inquiry about corruption in aforesaid project to National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) in next meeting.