LAHORE: An expectant mother, who was rushed to Lady Aitchison Hospital in Lahore died while giving birth to her first-born while the child also did not survive.

Sunbul, who hailed from the Mughalpura area of Lahore, was a young married woman. This was Sunbal's first pregnancy. Her family members rushed a pained Sunbal to the hospital in a critical condition. However, according to the deceased's family, the hospital staff did not attend Sunbal with a sense of urgency.

"Some of the nurses were busy texting. Others were chatting. Nobody seemed serious," Ali Raza, Sunbal's husband, told media.

"We were asked who should be saved, Sunbal or her child? He (Sunbal's husband) asked them to save Sunbal," Perveen, a family member, said. "However, they came out and said Sunbal did not survive. And later, told us her son also died."

The family members then assembled in the hospital premises and protested against the hospital administration. When the protest turned ugly, the hospital administration locked the facility.

According to the hospital administration, it will investigate the incident and take action against the alleged culprits.

Taking notice of the issue, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif ordered the provincial health minister to look into the matter and submit an inquiry report of the incident at the earliest.