LAHORE: Prime Minister House’s spokesperson while refuting the allegations leveled by Doctor Uzma sister of Imran Khan has said that when this incident took place Maryam Nawaz was in Islamabad.

The statement issued by the PML-N spokesperson stating that doctor Uzma’s allegation regarding Maryam Nawaz is baseless and wrong adding that was not Maryam Nawaz’ protocol in Gulberg 111 Lahore.

PML-N leader Muhammad Talal Chaudhry said that Imran Khan’s sister is our sister adding that “we should abstain from telling a lie in Ramaza ul Mubarak”.

It was worth mentioning here that Sister of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan has claimed her car was hit by the protocol of prime minister’s daughter Maryam Nawaz in Lahore’s Gulberg area on Friday.

“We were on our way when a car came at our side and [people] asked us to pull over while another car came from the front and when we tried to step out of the car policemen pointed their guns at us,” Dr Uzma Khan said while talking to media.

Responding to a question about how she came to know it was Maryam’s protocol, she said: “When I approached the house where the protocol was in place, the residents told me that it was Maryam Nawaz’s protocol and she came at their house to condole the death of a family member.”

Regarding registration of a case over the incident, Dr Uzma said she had no hope of getting justice from the police and she did not intend to register a case against anyone.
“One year ago today policemen had beaten up my kids. They even registered a case against my sons and then nothing happened. What will happen now? Why should I get an FIR registered?”

Meanwhile, Maryam also denied reports that her protocol harassed Imran’s sister in Lahore, saying she arrived in Lahore at 4:30pm.

Later, Imran, while talking to media in Karachi where he arrived to attend a fundraising event of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital, lamented the unprofessional attitude of the Punjab Police.

“Today when my sister was travelling in Lahore her car was stopped and some armed men pulled their guns on her and she was told that it was Maryam’s protocol,” the PTI chief said.

Even if it was not my sister but another Pakistani woman I question who gave Maryam Nawaz the right to road around the streets like a princess?”

Imran further asked in what position Maryam was running the affairs of the government in Islamabad. “Who gave her the right to treat this country as her property?”