ISLAMABAD: Chairman PTI Imran Khan strongly condemned the violence unleashed by the Indian army against the Kashmiri people in Indian Occupied Kashmir. Khan expressed grave concern over the lukewarm response of the Nawaz Sharif government, which has been limited to a briefing by the Foreign Secretary to the P5 envoys.

Khan in his statement issued from PTI’s media office here on Thursday said that no strong political condemnation has come from the Prime Minister, which is shameful and exposes the reluctance of the Sharif government to take any strong and clear position on Kashmir. Khan also questioned the silence of the Parliamentary Special Committee on Kashmir headed by JUI-F’s Maulana Fazlur Rahman.

Khan reminded that Pakistan is a party to the Kashmir dispute which is not an internal matter of the Indian state as it has been a dispute before the UN Security Council since 1948 when India took the issue before the UNSC under Chapter V1 of the UN Charter “Pacific Settlement of Disputes”. Khan demanded the UNSC take immediate note of the killings by the Indian military of unarmed Kashmiris in the Occupied Territory as it has a direct responsibility to intervene in IOK. Khan also pointed out that in UNSC Resolution 47 (1948) the UNSC had “noted with satisfaction” that both Pakistan and India had agreed to the holding of a “free and impartial plebiscite” in Jammu and Kashmir. Khan stated that it was the duty of the UNSC to ensure that this took place.

Khan also pointed out that generation after generation of Kashmiris had risen up to fight Indian military occupation and the present indigenous uprising was part of the struggle for self determination as guaranteed to them by the UN and as agreed to by both Pakistan and India. Khan made clear that both Pakistan and India “must abide by the wishes of the Kashmiri people and this can only be determined through a plebiscite held under the supervision of the UN”.

Khan stated that the Indian military’s killings in IOK are a gross violation of human rights including the right of people to protest peacefully.  He stated that India’s claims of being the world’s “largest democracy” ring hollow in the light of the Indian army’s massacre of Kashmiris in IOK. Khan stressed that military force is never a viable response to people seeking justice and their right of self-determination.

Khan demanded that the Pakistan government undertake a diplomatic offensive to compel the international community to break its deafening silence on the continuing killing spree of the Indian army in IOK. “But for that the government has to have clarity of policy and it appears the Sharif government has no clarity.”