ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif has strongly condemned the attempts aimed at harming democracy in Turkey saying “we reiterate our support for elected government and leadership of Turkey.

“ I condemn the attempts to undermine democracy in Turkey and the resolve demonstrated by valiant Turkish people is commendable. We attach importance to our vibrant and historical ties with Turkey. Turkish people have always supported Pakistan on every occasion. We reiterate our support for elected government and leadership of Turkey, he said this in a statement issued here Saturday.

Information minister senator Pervez Rashid said military coup in Turkey has been foiled. The democratic forces in Turkey deserve for congratulation. The conscious of people of Turkey is awakening as they have witnessed the fruits of democracy in their country.     
Talking to a private TV channel he said Turkey of today is a bright example for all the Muslim and Non Muslim countries. Coup in Turkey has been thwarted with the force of people rather than guns. Turkish people have defended democracy. Failure of military coup in Turkey is a matter of rejoicing for those who believe in democracy.

He went on to say that it is clear message for those who talk of martial law in Pakistan. Military coup met success  in Egypt because the elected government could not get opportunity to work.

He held that people of Pakistan have not lent ears to those who talk of martial law. Those behind putting  on banners inscribed with slogans for inviting military to take over government were strongly condemned. Those who have hanged banners are being arrested. The ring leader of those who have displayed banners be arrested and provincial governments should arrest these elements and take action against them, he added.