ISLAMABAD: On the eve of Defence Day 2016, Pakistan Air Force is proud to release a new song named ‘Fizaon Kay Mohafiz’. The song has been composed and sung by Rizwan ul Haq and Umair Jaswal.

The song "Fizaon kay Mohafiz" is a testament to each role that the PAF is expected to perform in the defense of the country. The song contains four segments; the first is dedicated to the air superiority role that the PAF performs and deals with the ADA (Air Defense Alert) posture that the PAF maintains around the clock everywhere in Pakistan in which it has aircraft and crew ready to take off and take on the enemy at a moment’s notice.

The second segment is dedicated to the Anti Surface or Anti Shipping role that the PAF performs in support of the operations of the Pakistan Navy, delivering a decisive punch against enemy combatant vessels such as aircraft carriers, destroyers, frigates and missile boats.

The third segment serves to illustrate the role that the PAF is playing in support of the Pakistan Army's operations against enemy strongholds in the North West where the PAF has inflicted the lion's share of attrition against enemy combatants and terrorists that have plagued our growth as a nation.

The fourth segment of the song has been dedicated to showcase the men who have made these machines and turn them into the Hammer of God against anyone who eyes Pakistan with mala-fide intentions.