RISALPUR: Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif has warned enemy should not remain under any delusion as any misadventure  on the part of enemy against Pakistan will meet matching response.

“enemy should not remain under any delusion. A matching response will be given to any aggression or strategic miscalculation on the part of our enemy against Pakistan. The nefarious designs of the enemy will not be allowed to succeed. We will go to any length for defence of our motherland. Pakistan has made significant achievements in the war on terror. India want to distort our role in this war. India has indulged in extreme barbarity in Occupied Kashmir. International community should take notice of Indian atrocities in India held Kashmir, he said this while addressing the passing-out cadets at PAF Academy in Risalpur on Thursday.

Raheel Sharif remarked  Pakistan is a responsible country and  is pursuing policy of friendly relations with neighbouring countries. Pakistan is peace loving country. If aggression is imposed then we will respond with full force. Our  armed forces are fully prepared to give the most befitting response to any internal and external threat posed to our nation, he added. .

The army chief lauded the role of PAF in achieving results in the anti-terror operation Zarb-e-Azb. The army chief also stressed that the armed forces would ensure defence of country at any cost. He said no one could match the professional capabilities of PAF. “We have been successful in rooting out terrorism,” he reiterated.

He urged international community to take notice of aggressive designs of India  and its war hysteria