ISLAMABAD: Ministry for information and broadcasting has paid Rs 3.5 million to different writers for writing articles in support of Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif and audit has declared this payment illegal.

According to audit report 2016 PID Principal officer got written articles in favour of government from several writers and Rs 3.5 million were paid to the writers from national exchequer for writing these articles.

Report said Rs 4.2 million were paid to writer for writing speech of PM. Rs 80000 were paid to Ali Akbar Abbas and Rs 100000 were paid to Talha Mehmood.  Khawaja Naveed Aslam is being paid Rs 100000 monthly and he has been paid Rs 1.9 million so far.

As per audit report 2015 PID spent Rs 3.2 million on booking rooms for journalists in different hotels and serving them meals.  These expenses have been declared illegal.