ISLAMABAD: The chances of disapproving the bill  regarding Panama leaks in Senate Standing Committee on Law and Justice have enhanced.

The meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Law and Justice will be held today in the parliament house. In the meeting, the bill introduced by 38 members of opposition on September 27 about the probe of Panama Leaks would be debated in detail.

Earlier, the Opposition leader in Senate Eitzaz Ahsan has introduced a bill in the house about Panama Leaks which was severely opposed by Federal Minister of Law Zahid Hamid, however during the voting on bill in the house, the Chairman Senate has approved the bill owing to majority of opposition members and send it to Senate Standing Committee.

Prior to this, date on the discussion of bill was fixed but the motive of the bill had submitted an application requesting to postpone the consultancy on bill, therefore the bill would be debated on Monday (today).

It is worth-mentioning here that 4 members of the committee out of 10 members belongs to ruling PML-N which include Senators Saleem Zia, Nehal Hashmi, Aysha  Raza Farooq and Nawabzada Saif-u-llah Magsi while 4 members belongs to PPP which include Senators Barrister Eitzaz Ahsan, Syed Muzaffar Hussain Shah, Saeed Ghani and Babar Awan. Senator Barrister Muhammad Ali Saif belongs to MQM while Senator Zahida Khan, who is also motive of the bill also belongs to ANP.

Sources revealed that all the beneficiaries’ members have been directed by the government to ensure their presence in the meeting to fail the proposed bill on Panama Leaks.

“Voting would be conducted on the bill in case of any disagreement and the government would have to sought MQM support on the bill. The federal government has also contacted with the top leadership of the MQM to seek opposition on the bill and concessions would be offered to MQM committee members by the government”, sources added.

Sources further added that support of the government is being sought by the MQM on National Assembly and Senate level for the last few weeks to tackle the challenges faced by MQM in Karachi.

“The opposition has contacted with the members of committee belongs to PPP and other political parties to ensure their timely participation in the meeting and also contacted with the top leadership of the MQM to pass the bill”, sources added and maintained that in case of favor of bill by the MQM, the Sindh government can award the MQM many concessions in Karachi.

Sources said that in case of equal voting on bill, Chairman Committee would cast their decisive vote which to oppose the bill as the Chairman of the Committee belongs to ruling party. Consequently, the bill would be rejected.

“In case of non completion of quorum of the committee members, the option to postpone the meeting by the Chairman would also be existed”, sources concluded.