ISLAMABAD: Whether it’s the chilly air, the warm dress, the atmosphere this weather creates or the food items that begin to hit our streets and neighborhoods through street vendors and cafes. Pakistan becomes so laden with fresh produce, that one can easily utilize it to make a good vegetable soup. Speaking of vegetable soup, here are some particular food items you will find yourself chewing on in the winter season.

Roasted peanuts may hold its own place and importance, but let’s not neglect the rest of the dry fruits that enter our lives especially in winter. From walnuts to cashews, almonds and raisins, dry fruits are the healthy snacks in these cold days.

Gajar ka Halwa
The name would make you salivate and surely a craving would have been aroused. This is one sweet dish you will find at every wedding, next to the other special warm delicious delicacy gulab jamuns. Both these give you a warm cozy feeling inside with each spoonful.

Again, be it at weddings or home, everyone wants to have a cup of this pink, beautiful, aromatic tea garnished with pistachios and almonds.

Of course, you want to stay warm, and what better way to do it than consuming the hot yet fulfilling food item called soup. Whatever fits to your taste buds, hot and sour, chicken, tomatoes and so on, all flavors work during the chill the winter.

Roasted sweet potatoes
Like roasted peanuts, this too you can find on vending carts, and if you are a hygiene enthusiast, you can always buy them from a vegetable vendor and roast them in your kitchen.