ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has said that government should have announced a 15 percent pay raise in the federal budget 2015-16.
Addressing a post-budget press conference on Saturday, Khan said that there should be at least 15 percent hike in salaries of government employees. “Secretary level officials have been given a 100 percent raise while the lower grade employees have got only 7.5 percent hike,” he lamented.
He said that government must bring the rich class into tax next. Out of total 180 million people, only 800, 000 people pay taxes, he said.
“The government should impose tax on capital gains for property and real estate business.”“Those who don’t pay income tax, should be made to pay property tax,” he suggested.
He said tax to GDP Ratio has declined acc to government’s own figures. The rich class has been given exemptions through SROs.
“It is unfair that someone like me who is from the privileged class has to pay the same amount of GST which a poor.”
He further said increase in GST will further burden the poor class.
“The PMLN’s budget will only benefit a tiny rich elite. There's nothing in it for the poor class.”
He demanded that government reduce the price of diesel by Rs18 to uplift farmers.