Unofficial Results of legislative assembly elections in Gilgit-Baltistan held on Monday 8th of June, 2015. 280 candidates from seven districts belonging to 17 prominent political parties including independents candidates are in the running.

Last Updated: 12:24

Total Candidates 24 21 22 16 10 9 10 12 3 124
Seats won 10 2 2 3 1         2

Gilgit Baltistan Election Results

Constituency Previous winner Winner of Election 2015
GB. LA-7 Skardu-I Syed Mehdi Shah, Chief Minister GB., LA-7 Skardu-I, (PPP) Raja Jalal Hussain (PTI) 3216
LA-6 Gilgit-VI Mr. Wazir Baig, Speaker GBLA, LA-6 Gilgit-VI, (PPP) Mir Ghazanfar (PMLN) 6385
GBLA (Tech)Gilgit Mr. Jamil Ahmed, Deputy Speaker GBLA, (Tech)Gilgit, (PPP)  
LA-1 Gilgit-I Syed Razi-ud-Din Rizvi, LA-1 Gilgit-I, (Independent) PPPP
A-2 Gilgit-II Mr. Deedar Ali, A-2 Gilgit-II, (Independent) Hifizul Rehman (PMLN)
LA-3 Gilgit-III Mr. Aftab Haider, LA-3 Gilgit-III, (PPP)  
LA-4 Gilgit-IV Mr. Muhammad Ali Akhter, LA-4 Gilgit-IV, (PPP) Ali Muhammad (MWM) 26,015
LA-5 Gilgit-V Mr. Mirza Hussain, LA-5 Gilgit-V, (PML) Rizwan Ali (MWM) 2360
LA-8 Skardu-II Mr. Nisar Hussain, LA-8 Skardu-II, (PPP) Kaju Imtiaz Hussain (MWM)
LA-8 Skardu-III Wazir Shakeel Ahmad,LAw MInister, LA-8 Skardu-III (PML N) PMLN
LA-9 Skardu-IV Wazir Hassan, LA-9 Skardu-III, (PPP) Fida Muhammad (PMLN)
LA-10 Skardu-V Syed Muhammad Ali Shah, LA-10 Skardu-IV, (PPP) ITP
LA-12 Skardu-VI Raja Azam Khan, LA-12 Skardu-VI, (MQM) PPPP
LA-13 Astore-I Mr. Abdul Hameed,LA-13 Astore-I, (PPP)  
LA-14 Astore-II Mr. Muhammad Naseer Khan, LA-14 Astore-II, (PPP) Barkat Ali (PMLN)
LA-15 Astore-II Mr. Bashir Ahmed, LA-14 Astore-II, (PML)  
LA-16 Diamer-II Mr. Janbaz Khan, LA-16 Diamer-II, (PML-N)  
LA-17 Diamer-III Mr. Gulbar Khan, LA-17 Diamer-III, (JUI)  
LA-18 Diamer-IV Mr. Rahmat Khaliq, LA-18 Diamer-IV, (JUI) Muhammad Wakeel (PMLN) 3500
LA-19 Ghizer-I Pir Syed Karam Ali Shah, LA-19 Ghizer-I, (PPP) Shakeel Ahmad (PMLN)
LA-20 Ghizer-II Mr. Ali Madad Shah, LA-20 Ghizer-II, (PPP) Fida Khan (IND)
LA-21 Ghizer-III Mr. Muhammad Ayub Shah, LA-21 Ghizer-III, (PPP) Raja Jahanzaib (PTI)
LA-22Ghanche-I Mr. Nawaz Khan Naji, LA-21 Ghizer-I, (BNF)PMLN Muhammad Ibrahim (PMLN) 11655
LA-23 Ghanche-II Mufti Muhammad Abdullah Shah, LA-23 Ghanche-II (PML-N) Ghulam Hussain (PMLN) 6451
LA-24 Ghanche-III Mr. Muhammad Ismail, LA-24 Ghanche-III, (PPP) Muhammad Shafiq (PMLN) 5440
Hunza–Nagar Mr. Mutabiat Shah, Hunza–Nagar, (PPP)  
Diamer Mulana Sarwar Shah, Diamer, (JUI)  
Skardu Mst. Shreen Fatima, Skardu,(PPP)  
Diamer Mst. Gul Mara, Diamer, (PPP)  
Ghizer Mst. Yasmeen Nazar, Ghizer, (PPP)  
Gilgit Mst. Sadia Zia, Gilgit, (PPP)  
Ghanche Mst. Amina Bibi Ansari, Ghanche, (PML)  
Gilgit Mst. Mehnaz Wali, Gilgit, (JUI)