ISLAMABAD: As many as 3 separate cases have been registered on recovery of liquor  from home of Philippines woman  by special squad set up under SP Zeeshan Haider but Malik Amir who has supplied this liquor has not been named in any FIR;.

SP Saddar circle conducted a raid on home No 251 located in street No 54 sector F-11/4 on December 22 and seized 20352 cartons of bear and 18597 bottles of high quality foreign liquor. Imran Younis son of Muhammad Younis and Shabbir son of Muhammad Akram were taken into custody on the spot while Sohail and Salim fled.

The arrested culprits confessed in their elementary statement recorded by them soon after their arrest that in fact this liquor is owned by Malik Amir.

SP Saddar circle Malik Zeeshan intended to arrest Malik Amir and others but his fellow officers pressurised him not to nominate Malik Amir in FIR. If IG office or interior ministry ask about it then Malik Amir name be mentioned in zimnis and the matter be hushed up after obtaining warrants from the court.

His well wisher officer advised Malik Amir to shift to some safe place besides obtaining letter from Philippines lady Anila so that it could be proved the seized liquor is owned by Philippines diplomat Anila and she is legal owner of this liquor who has returned two days after seizure of liquor. .     

The accused had told police in their preliminary investigation  that Malik brothers keep larger consignment of liquor at the home of diplomat of a weak embassy for the purpose of its sale so that no law enforcement agency  could dare to conduct raid. In return for it Malik brothers pay the said diplomat million of rupees every month.

Shalimar police has kept the liquor in container and sealed it; On the other side Malik Amir and Malik Billo are forcing Philippines diplomat Anila to inform police through an authentic letter that Malik Amir and his associates have nothing to do with this liquor and she had sought this liquor personally.

Sources said if Anila makes such claim then she will have to prove before the court and senior officials of police that how much customs duty has been paid on the seized liquor and through what route it has been brought to Pakistan. Philippines diplomat and Malik Amir are making legal consultations in this regard.

It may be mentioned that  Malik brothers have got back seized  liquor in the past on the claim of diplomat.
Shalimar police has registered case under section 350, 351 and 352 with reference to this case. Workers of Malik brothers were  arrested and liquor was seized from them.

These workers told the police that Malik Amir and Malik Billo are the ring leaders of the gang but even then their names were not recorded in FIR.  

Despite registration of case on December22 and information provided by the arrested accused, no Special squad personal went upto the homes of Malik Amir and Malik Billoo to arrest them. FBR has already got registered a case against Malik Amir for obtaining a  license for sale of foreign liquor fraudulently.

According to this case Malik Amir had obtained the license for sale of liquor by showing two of his employees Qadianis. It has been proved from NADRA record the two license holders are Muslims and FBR is engaged in conducting investigation into this matter.  All the persons arrested in this case have been sent to jail on judicial remand.

When contacted by Online no one attended telephone of SP Sadar Circle Zeeshan. It was tried to seek stance from a friend of Malik brothers his phone was found  switched off. A brief message was left on his phone but no reply was received from him.