ISLAMABAD: Ustad Fateh Ali Khan matchless contribution to the music world will always be remembered. All forms of music have one base that is classical music.

Ustad Fateh Ali Khan was an academy in itself and produced a large number of singers and musicians said Director General PNCA Jamal Shah at a reference arranged by Pakistan National Council of the Arts to pay tribute to the music icon. PNCA is working for the promotion and revival of the classical music.

Halqa-e- Ahbab-e-Mousiqui has been initiated for this purpose Jamal Shah added. Music lovers and admirers of Ustad Fateh Ali Khan paid tribute to the legendary artist in their remarks.

Javed Ali Khan,  former bureaucrat said that artists like Ustad Fateh Ali Khan appears in centuries. Students of music will follow him for their success. Fateh Ali Khan has earned name for Pakistan around the world..

Iftikhar Rasheed, Ex-IG said that the government should patronize the classical musicians. It is a very hard job and thus the youngsters are reluctant in its adaptation.

Writer, Poet and Ex-DG, PNCA Kishwar Naheed expressed deep sorrow and grief over the death of Ustad Fateh Ali Khan. We should take care of our real assets and intangible heritage. A country or a nation is known for their art, literature,
tradition and culture.

All these have become less important in our lives, that’s why society is facing hatred and impatience. Music is the name of softness and love. She added. DG, Radio Kursheed Malik highlighted the services of Fateh Ali Khan for promotion of classical music. He worked hard till his last. The introduction of Patyala Gharana and Ustad Fateh Ali Khan was presented on multimedia through his interviews, talks and popular renditions. A large number of singers and music lovers attended the reference.