ISLAMABAD: Justice Qazi Faez Isa has remarked “is police custodian of people or enemy of people?

He further observed“ We have not a single case with us in which police have bothered to conduct investigation. Is police custodian or enemy of people.

He gave these remarks during the course of hearing of  Musarrat Bibi rape case here Friday.

A 3-member  bench of Supreme Court (SC) took up for hearing Musarrat Bibi rape case here Friday.

 Supreme Court (SC) while accepting the bail plea of suspect Khalid Shahzad in Musarrat Bibi rape case has ordered to remove the investigation  officer Ramzan from the investigation of the case.

 During hearing Justice Dost asked from investigation officer  that what investigation he has conducted about rape.  

On it, the investigation officer kept mum  and didn’t give any answer.

Justice Dost Muhammad Khan remarked “ it seems as if you have not started any investigation in this case so far. Are you doing your job this  way?

Justice Qazi Faez Isa remarked that we didn’t have even a single case in which police have bothered to conduct investigation. Prosecution should come well prepared. We will impose fine if he comes without preparations. It is matter of sorrow that prosecution knows nothing. Is  police custodian of people or enemy?

The court while declaring as poor the investigation  carried out by investigation officer of the case remarked “ it is matter of sorrow  that such people are enrolled in Punjab police who don’t  know how to conduct investigation.

 The court has ordered to DPO Muzaffargarh for appointment of a new  investigation  officer in the case remarking investigation of this case be got conducted afresh from a female investigation officer and report thereof be filed in the court on its completion.