ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan says the children of Sharif family have leveled allegations on grandfather to disassociate themselves from money laundering.

“ Children of Sharif family have leveled money laundering allegations against their late grandfather to evade justice. A prosperous Pakistan will emerge whatever decision is given by Supreme Court. Prime Minister (PM) has held all the national institutions hostage to cover up his  corruption. It has now become clear on Sharif family that they have no money trail”, he said this while talking to media outside Supreme Court after the hearing of Panama Papers case here on Monday.

“What revelations are being made in Panama case are all before the nation, he held. In assembly speech it was said that documentary proof will be provided but now the government lawyers says it is too old matter and money transaction had taken place. In other words some people had transported 12 million dirham through vehicles, he remarked.

“with the case moving ahead, the statements are also being changed, No document is available in support of sending money from Dubai to Jeddah and then from Jeddah to London. Now SC has been told that cash money was given to Qatari who sent this money to London. Jeddah name has now been evaporated within from inside. Gulf steel mills which laid eggs also came under debate in SC. Gulf Steel Mills had caused loss to the tune of 15 million dirham then how the money moved ahead. They had no reply with them on this count , he underlined.  

“These people paid this money through cash and not through banks, otherwise they would have money trail with them. Gulf Mills had no money as it was running in loss. But in fact Ishaq Dar had become king’s evidence. That was in fact a money trail and he himself had said he used to do money laundering for Nawaz Sharif”, he observed.
Imran said all the previous record and reports in NAB, FBR, FIA and SECP are all under their people in these institutions.

He said the person who gave revelations of their money laundering is sitting as the number two in State Bank. Imran said you can see them scrambling with the dozens of contradictory statements their family members have given.

“The Sharifs had no idea that the Panama Papers would go into investigations and when the investigations began that is when the real story unraveled” he added. PTI chief said in his assembly speech he blatantly said to the nation that they have all the documentation, but today their lawyers are saying in the courts that the business happened so long ago and that all their payments were done in cash and transported in cars and no banking system was used.

Imran said the Supreme Court has asked them why there is such a massive difference.

To a question he said 100 lies are being spoken to cover up one lie. There is clear contradiction in the statements of Maryam, Suleman Shahbaz. Had property been acquired from fair means then no need would have been felt to lie.