ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has failed to register over 12.1 million women voters so far from across the country.

The credible sources disclosed that the number of women voters in electoral rolls was over 42.4 million as compare to men voters while their ratio in country’s population is 51 %.

Sources added that after the current campaign launched by ECP for the registration of votes, the total number of registered voters in reviewed electoral rolls were around 97.16 million in which some 42.4 million were women while 54.5 million were men voters.

The reviewed electoral rolls revealed that some 12.1 million and 51 thousand women were not registered as voters. As per document released by ECP, maximum women voters hailing from Balochistan were not registered in electoral roll where total number of register votes was some 3.6 million 95 thousand and 621. In which, the number of male voters were 2.1 million 32 thousand and 647 while women voters are 1.5 million 62 thousand and 974 and 16 % difference exists in the registration of votes of women as compare to male voters.

In KP, the total number of register voters are some 14 million 15 thousand and 689. In which number of male voters are 8 million and 6654 thousand while women voters are 6 million 9035 thousand. The ration of reduction in the registration of women voters is 14%.

In Sindh, the ration of reduction of women voters is 13% where number of registered voters is over 26 million and 45 thousand. In which some 11.4 million and 45 thousand are male while number of women voters are over 9.2 million.

The number of registered voters in Punjab is higher than other remaining three provinces of the country including FATA where number of male and female registered voters is over 55.8 million and 22 thousand. In which number of male registered voters is 31.3 million while female registered voters are over 24.5 million and 19 thousand. The reduction ratio is 12%.

Sources further said that despite disclosure of severe lack of registration of female voters, the ECP did not take any adequate measure in this regard so far.

Fida Muhammad, Additional Secretary ECP said that ECP is taking effective measures to ensure maximum participation of women in next general elections and letters have been dispatched to all political parties to achieve this objective. A comprehensive strategy is evolved to register women as voters.

“The ECP observe December 7 as voters day every year to create awareness among masses about the registration of vote”, he added.

“As per electoral reforms approved by the cabinet, the data of every citizen having Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) would be sent to NADRA where he/she be register as voter”, he concluded.