ISLAMABAD: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan has said that Sharif family has no proof of his property abroad as there is difference in their statements.

Talking to media in Supreme Court after the hearing of Panama case, he said that public prosecutor has said in the court that if PM tells a lie in parliament house then there is no wrong, the leader should be honest, truthful and dispense justice.

“Truth is not being spoken here but the corruption worth billions of rupees is being committed. The leader should be honest because he is the custodian of national wealth but here the custodians were betraying and making property abroad worth billions of rupees earned through corruption”, he added.

PTI Chairman alleged that PM first make factory through money laundering and then attempt is being made to hide other property behind money laundering adding that third counsel of government said that existing bench of apex court cannot conduct the hearing of the case and it should be referred to FIA or NAB. A new document was submitted that Maryam Nawaz was trusty for four month.

He further said that the court has used the word “Story” for Qatri Prince and if the letter of Qatri Prince is mere story then the case is ended. The names which I.C.I.J disclosed in its exclusive news were not rejected by anyone. The government is attempting that court not conduct the hearing of the case.

He added that Sharif family did not submit documents so far and we are being told that documents are submitted. They did not have money trail.

“The state institutions like NAB and FIA are subordinate of PM Nawaz Sharif and it seem that court proceeding would be ended within three days”, Imran Khan concluded.