LONDON: The mayor of London says that President Donald Trump shouldn’t receive a state visit in Britain because of his “cruel” policies on immigration.

Sadiq Khan said the U.S. president should not get VIP treatment when he comes to Britain later this year because of his “ban on people from seven Muslim-majorities countries” and his decision to block refugees from entering the United States.

Khan said that “in those circumstances we shouldn’t be rolling out the red carpet.”

He spoke before British legislators were expected to debate a proposal to downgrade the planned state visit.

The debate was scheduled in response to an online petition calling for the honor to be rescinded. A state visit usually includes extensive pomp and a stay at Buckingham Palace.

Last night, a giant slogan of the words “Say no to Trump” was projected on the Houses of Parliament to protest the president’s possible visit.

The projection was created by Global Justice Now, a campaign organization that is part of the Stop Trump coalition, working alongside guerrilla projectionists Feral X.