LANDIKOTAL: More than five hundreds afghan nationals have been stuck in Landikotal   since the closure of Pakistan-Afghanistan border in Torkham and Chaman.

The big and small business, that required goods, are on the verge of closing down.

Hotels built in remote areas on the way to the Torkham border serve people carrying goods between the two countries. However, since movement is restricted, the hotel owners are faced with a dearth of customers.

Besides, around Rs30 million are lost so far due to the ban as transit trade, import and export cannot be carried out between both the neighboring countries.  

Pakistan has industries that cater to the need of certain products, including matchsticks and plastics in Afghanistan. These too have been affected a great deal in only nine days as Afghanistan is the only buyer of these goods.   

In Chaman, thousands of families have been affected since the border closure has rendered many people jobless.

Freshwater fish, chicken and oranges were exported to Afghanistan until the border was closed.

The Pak-Afghan border was closed after a bomb blast in Sehwan city of Jamshoro district claimed lives of at least 88 people and injured over 300 others.

It is vital to mention here that after Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) is taking place Wednesday (today) and Pakistan Super League (PSL) which is taking place on March five (Sunday) the border is likely to open on March six.