ISLAMABAD: Chief census commissioner Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) Asif Bajwa has said that census would start on March 15.

While giving monthly meeting to PBS, he said that residents of areas including GHQ, jails. Diplomatic enclave would be counted during census and their data be collected from concerned head of departments. The training of the census staff has almost completed.

“The funds of approximately Rs 7.40 million have been released for census. Out of which Rs 5 billion are granted to all Deputy Commissioners of the country for census purpose adding that no fund is released for security purpose so far”, he added and maintained that Rs 350 million would be spent on advertisement campaign of census.

He added that search operation is going on in 3 out of 7 seven agencies of FATA while negotiations are going on with FATA secretariat that how to count them.

Responding to a question, he said that census means that on 18 March all individuals in Pakistan would be counted including foreigners as they are utilizing the country’s resources.

Meanwhile, talking about the prices of various commodities, Bajwa said that ratio of inflation has increased up to 0.28% in February as compare to January. The rate of inflation has increased up to 4.32 % in February 2017 as compare to February 2016.

Similarly, the ratio of inflation up to 3.90 % is recorded during the primary 8 month of current fiscal year as compare to previous fiscal year.

“The increase in the prices various commodities including tomato, orange, pomegranate and chicken is also witnessed”, Bajwa concluded.