SIALKOT: Minister for water and power and defence Khawaja Asif has said politics has taken shape of business in the country and most of the politicians are using it to serve their personnel interests.

He said this while addressing oath taking ceremony of district bar association Sialkot here Saturday.

He held due to deterioration in the society  , dignity and respect have gone paralyzed which is reflected in bar, bench and legislation. This is our collective downfall , he added.

He went on to say that like politics,  media too no more remains media of Zafar Ullah Khan but today they are at loggers heads with each other.  

Our enemy is only one that is India and you can see its face on Eastern borders, on western borders, in mosques, and schools wherein it is targeting innocent children  and citizens to achieve its nefarious designs.

He underlined such people are being used in the name of religions who have no relevance with the religion. Our religion is religion of love, peace and blessing but unfortunately certain irresponsible persons and terrorist forces try to take mileage out of our religious and ethnic   fault lines and the conscienceless persons have  become toys in their hands.

About military courts he said he was in favour of the courts as such extraordinary steps are needed to control extraordinary situation.