LAHORE: PCB Chairman Shaharyar Khan said on Monday that the decision of the tribunal that will conduct the hearings of the PSL spot-fixing case will be accepted and that any player found guilty in the offense, his career would be over.

Speaking to media personnel at a training camp, the PCB Chairman said that officials were aware of how fixers and bookies had changed their ways over time. He said that nowadays bookies had shed the ways of old when it came to establishing contact with fixers.

"Nowadays, players are contacted indirectly through relatives, friends or old acquaintances," he said.

Shahryar Khan said that whatever the decision the tribunal would take will be acceptable to the board. He said that he had categorically told cricketers that whoever got involved in the scandal, his entire career would remain uncertain.

Shaharyar also spoke about the importance of fitness level and stated that it was pivotal for inclusion in the team.

"I spoke to the coach who informed me that a couple of players were on the borderline with regard to fitness," he said. "Fitness is of the utmost importance. Only fit players will be able to play for the team," he added.