LAHORE: Countrywide day of protest was observed against blasphemous material on the social media on the call of Tehreek Hurmat e Rasool (SAW) (THR).

According to press release, protests were staged in different cities after Namaz e Juma.  Thousands of people from all walks of life participated in these events. Participants carried placards and banners in hands containing text in favour of Honour of Holy Prophet (SAW).

As well as, clerics and leadership of religious organizations delivered Khutbat e Juma on the issues of Protection of Sanctity of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and Protection of Pakistan’s ideology.

Resolutions were passed against blasphemous contents on the social media. During protests, a rich tribute paid to Justice Shokat Aziz Siddique for his role.

In Lahore, big demonstration was held at Chouburji Chowk. Students, lawyers, traders, civil society and large number of people from all walks of life joined the demonstration.