LAHORE: Chairman Pakistan Super League Najam Sethi asked the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to stop its inquiry against the alleged cricketers, saying it is responsibility of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

He said that only a letter was sent to the FIA requesting verification of the mobile phone apps used by suspended players; he added that the agency should stop its investigation until a decision from the PCB tribunal on the case.

Speaking in his TV show, the Chairman PSL said “after the decision, FIA have the prerogative to investigate if the players have broken any law of the country.”

He said that the PCB tribunal will start its hearing from Friday and the board will prove its allegations against the players with solid evidences.

Latif and Irfan had appeared at the Lahore office of the FIA on Monday in response to a summons from the agency, which said a "enquiry has been registered on the complaint of Subhan Ahmed, Chief Operating Officer PCB" and their presence was required.

The PCB, however, distanced themselves from the FIA's inquiry and the board had only written to the FIA requesting assistance in obtaining forensic information from mobile phones in connection to the PSL case.