ISLAMABAD: Despite passing the period of over three years, work on Jamshoro power generation project of 600 MW could not be started but on the other hand government has paid  approximately Rs. 48.2 million to Asian Development Bank (ADB) on account of commitment charges.

As per documents received by “Online” the federal government has preferred Punjab in various development projects including energy projects over other projects.

“The federal government has signed an agreement with ADB to launch a power generation project in Jamshoro, a city of Sindh province in September 2013. The ADB for the said project has expressed its willingness to provide funds worth 896 million US $ for the project of 600 MW”, it reported in document.

The document added that ADB has sanctioned to release the first installment of loan in December 2013 but only 8.2 million US $ could be released owing to lack of interest of  government for this project. No development work could be started on this project so far.

Sources said that government could only release some 8.2 million US $ for the said project. The Government has preferred projects of Sindh over Punjab. The government has released adequate amount for the Sahiwal coal power project of 1320 MW and much of work has done on it but the contract for the Jamshoro power generation project could not be awarded so far.

Sources further added that government is paying commitment charges on this project at the ratio of 1.5 % and paid amount of Rs 48.2 million on the account of commitment charges for the last three and half years so far.